3 Major Healthy Diets that Helps to Recover Your Figure!

There are many healthy diets that can help you recover the figure without exposing health. In fact, many of these are useful to prevent diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. When you have fallen into excesses of food or after the stage of pregnancy, it is normal that you want to recover your figure. Achieving an adequate weight not only allows you to improve your self-esteem, but also prevents and combats many health problems. Currently, there are many types of diets that can serve as a method to achieve this goal. However, some plans are too low calorie and lack nutrients and nutrients that are determinants for the body’s functions. Because of this, it is very important to understand that, although food is a mainstay, it is not about making restrictions or dangerous regimes. While these options give temporary results, none provide the benefits of a healthy diet.

What are the best diets to recover your figure? Although these may vary in each case, there are some models that can give good results. On this occasion, we share the three best ones so you do not hesitate to try them.

1. Mediterranean Diet to Recover Your Figure

First, you have to know that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best plans to lose weight without exposing health. This proposes to combine balanced foods rich in high quality nutrients, enriched with the prodigious extra virgin olive oil and nuts. Thanks to its incorporation of healthy fatty acids, it is a type of food with many benefits for cardiovascular health. Its consumption can lower high cholesterol and, in turn, the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.

Main Characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet

  • The consumption of total fats must be less than 35% of the energy consumed. In addition, only 8% of these can be saturated fats.
  • You should consume lean meats or fish twice a week.
  • Up to 7 eggs per week can be taken.
  • It must include a daily ration of dairy products (milk, cheese or yogurt).
  • You can drink up to 2 glasses of red wine a day.

Example of a Mediterranean Diet Menu

There are dozens of menus of the Mediterranean diet that can help you recover your figure. In the next space, we share a simple example so you know how this type of food should be.


  • Coffee with milk.
  • Slice of bread with olive oil.
  • Natural orange juice.


  • Piece of fruit.
  • Handful of nuts.


  • Stewed lentils.
  • Meatballs with peas and carrot.
  • Strawberries with cream.


  • Fresh cheese with honey.
  • Dried fruits with oats.


  • Mixed salad.
  • Baked fish with roasted potatoes.
  • Natural yogurt

2. DASH Diet to Recover Your Figure

The term DASH is the acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (“dietary approach to stop hypertension”). As indicated by its name, it is a diet indicated for patients with high pressure problems.

“Its characteristics help improve circulation and cardiovascular function, so that the risks of hypertension are reduced”.

However, thanks to its balanced and low calorie proposal, it is also good for losing weight.

Main Characteristics of the DASH Diet

  • Saturated fats, refined sugars and simple carbohydrates are practically banned.
  • It is a varied diet, in which organic foods prevail, especially fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy.
  • The consumption of salt is reduced to the maximum or replaced by other healthy condiments.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol to the maximum.
  • It is accompanied with a physical exercise plan.

Example of a DASH Diet Menu

It is not necessary to have high blood pressure to enjoy the benefits of the DASH diet. Therefore, if you are looking to recover your figure, you can design menus based on the following example:


  • Integral sandwich of turkey and tomato.
  • Orange or grapefruit
  • Green tea or infusion


  • Pineapple, chopped
  • Natural low-fat yogurt.


  • Roasted pork loin with brown rice and beans.
  • Lettuce salad.


  • Carrot sticks and celery.


  • Pasta with natural tomato and mussels.
  • Gelatin without sugar.

3. Paleo Diet to Recover Your Figure

The popular paleo diet is also part of the types of healthy eating that can help you lose weight effectively. It is a food that is based on the way of eating of our ancestors, in which the processed ones are completely avoided. Due to the design of their menus, it is a diet that decreases calories and fats. Therefore, in addition to helping to lose pounds, serves as an ally against high cholesterol, diabetes and other metabolic diseases associated with modern diet.

Main Characteristics of the Paleo Diet

  • It is based on foods of organic origin (fruits, vegetables, fish and meats).
  • It completely prohibits any meat and processed, frozen or cured derivative.
  • Restricts the consumption of sugar, processed cereals and refined oils.

Example of Paleo Diet Menu

In the paleo diet there is not a menu for everyone. The ancestors’ diet varied according to the food they had access to. However, today the physical conditions of the person and their nutritional needs must also be considered. If there are no problems to make this type of diet, you can follow a simple model taking into account only foods of natural origin.


  • Egg with spinach cooked with coconut oil.
  • Chopped melon.
  • Infusion to taste.


  • Chicken salad with olive oil .
  • Handful of almonds.
  • Natural yogurt


  • Salmon with spinach
  • Portion of fruit
  • Infusion to taste

It should be borne in mind that the difference of the paleo diet with other diets is that they do not eat five meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are more than enough to meet the needs of the body. Which of these diets would you like to adopt? Remember that, if you want to recover your figure, you must be consistent with good eating habits.  Also, whenever you can, you should do physical exercise.

Finally, consultation with a health professional is more than advisable to ensure that the change in diet does not go against the requirements of the body itself.

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