How to Accelerate Metabolism to Lose Weight more Easily?

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Although it is important to stay active to accelerate metabolism is also essential to rest properly at night, about eight hours, so that our biorhythms do not get out of control. Sure, on many occasions, you’ve heard about metabolism but you still do not know exactly what it is. Metabolism is a set of physical and chemical processes of our body related to energy expenditure and, therefore, with other functions such as digestion, respiration, temperature or circulation. In this article we explain why accelerating metabolism can help you lose weight more easily, as well as how to achieve it with simple and natural remedies.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Basal metabolism is what regulates the burning of calories in our body (represents the minimum amount of energy necessary to maintain life at rest, ie only basic functions). Therefore, when it does not work correctly it can make us gain or lose weight more easily, regardless of what we eat. This explains why some people gain weight despite eating very little, while others remain thin even eating large quantities.

“The good news is that some natural remedies and tips can help us balance the metabolism”.

It does it without altering the rest of our body’s functions, which will affect weight, temperature, digestion, etc. In addition, it will also help us to prevent metabolic diseases such as thyroid disorders or diabetes.

How to Accelerate the Metabolism to Lose Weight?

Here we offer a series of tips to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight.

1. Drink Water

This simple habit, which all doctors recommend and we are so hard to comply with, is excellent for accelerating the metabolism to lose weight. It is better to drink cold water because the organism spends more energy in bringing the water to an optimum temperature for it to be used. Basically, the body heats the water at the optimum temperature to be incorporated and distributed.

  • Drinking small and repeated drinks of water throughout the day, from when we get up, fasting, until we go to bed, will keep our body with a stable metabolism.
  • In addition, it will help us clean toxins and prevent the accumulation of fluids.

If it costs us to drink water we can add a little lemon juice and a few drops of stevia, and take it cold or hot as we want. Put the bottle next to you and you will not forget it.

2. Combat Sedentary Lifestyle

The worst enemy of our metabolism is sedentary lifestyle. This immerses our body in a continuous passivity. The office work or the hours we spent in front of the television or the computer have aggravated this situation.

  • Aim to get up from your chair every 30 or 40 minutes for a couple of minutes to do some stretching or any message.
  • Although it seems insignificant, this will have a positive effect on our metabolism and our overall health.
  • Nor should we forget to exercise medium or high intensity two or three times a week.

3. Rest Well

Although during the day we must stay active and moving, at night comes the time to go to bed. The night rest, besides being sufficient, must be of quality. Our organism follows biorhythms, defined by sunlight, and since nightfall it must begin to lower the rhythm so that, at dawn, it can be activated again.

  • If you suffer insomnia or wake up tired in the morning you should practice relaxation or meditation.
  • Try to stay away from all kinds of electronic devices, since they make it difficult to sleep at night.

4. Eat Several Times a Day

Many nutritionists recommend eating smaller amounts but several times a day. Although this recommendation does not have to be appropriate for everyone, people who suffer from a slow basal metabolism can benefit from this advice.

  • We will make 5 meals a day, with nutritious and satisfying food, but without getting too full.
  • These meals, together with the water that we will drink on an empty stomach, will keep our metabolism active throughout the day.

5. Season with Spices

Culinary spices are excellent activators of metabolism naturally. They also have many other properties. We recommend consuming the following daily:

  • Cayenne pepper: One of the best remedies to stimulate the body. It favors the production of gastric juices and helps burn more calories. We should start consuming cayenne pepper little by little to avoid irritation of the digestive tract. We will start with a bit and we will increase the amount progressively.
  • Ginger: Stimulant, digestive and diuretic. It is ideal for seasoning meats, fish and desserts, as well as milkshakes and lemonades.
  • Cinnamon: The most medicinal variety is Ceylon cinnamon. It is stimulating, digestive, and aphrodisiac and improves circulation.

Accelerate the Metabolism to Lose Weight: Final Comments

In summary, you can accelerate your metabolism to lose weight thanks to these simple tips. However, be careful. Well, they will not work if you do not watch your diet and commit to moderate exercise. Finally, recommend you go to your doctor or nutritionist to establish a perfect plan to lose weight.


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