Reason for Accumulation of Fat in Belly and how to Eliminate it?

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In addition to monitoring our diet, in case we accumulate fat in the belly we must assess other aspects that may also be influencing without us noticing. Many people get fat in their belly, whether or not they are overweight. It is very difficult to eliminate it, despite having tried diets and treatments of all kinds. However, it is possible that they are making misguided efforts and that the solution is not so complicated. Discover in this article all the issues that may be causing an increase in belly fat. For example, a protein deficit, hormonal changes, lack of exercise of certain intensity or poor posture.

Why Does Fat Accumulate in My Belly?

When we talk about overweight we understand that the person has an excess of fat and, perhaps, fluid retention, in certain parts of the body: abdomen, thighs, arms, back, glutes, etc. However, one of the most common problems is the accumulation of fat in the belly. In fact, it is very common in both men and women from middle age. There are even very thin people who suffer from it and who cannot eliminate it despite losing weight easily in other parts of the body.

1. Unbalanced Feeding

When we ask ourselves why we have fat in the belly and how we can eliminate it, in general we usually think that we should reduce the calorie intake. However, the idea that we should choose food better is gaining more popularity. That they are of more quality and less processed, instead of reducing fats and calories. A balanced diet that helps us reduce waist fat should follow the following recommendations:

  • Each of the three main meals must contain a portion of protein, alternating animal protein (preferably organic) with vegetable (legumes, nuts, avocado).
  • We will opt for whole grains and avoid refined ones.
  • We will eliminate white sugar from the diet and consume moderate amounts of honey, cane honey, whole cane sugar, etc.
  • We will dispense with processed and hydrogenated fats, present in fried foods, margarines or sweets, and we will increase the consumption of healthy fats, present in first cold pressed vegetable oils (olive, coconut, sesame, flax), avocado , nuts, seeds, Blue fish and butter.

2. Food Intolerances

There are people who suffer from food intolerance and, nevertheless, they do not know it. This problem causes them discomfort, such as swelling in the abdominal area, as well as digestive disorders. If we suspect that this may be our case, there are different types of tests that can confirm it. The most common intolerances are gluten and lactose.

3. Sedentary

Exercise is essential to have a balanced weight but, above all, to shake the waist. The sedentary lifestyle causes a progressive accumulation of fat in the entire abdominal area. The most suitable exercises are cardiovascular sports of medium or high intensity. It is enough with two or three sessions of half an hour each week.

4. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes also cause an accumulation of fat in the waist area, especially women during menopause. However, it can also be suffered by young girls with high estrogen levels. The balanced diet, which we have discussed, is also the key to regulate hormones, as well as some specific supplements, such as maca, chasteberry or yam.

“In the case of women in menopause, evening primrose oil can also be very beneficial”.

Some hormonal disorders also disappear over time, because the body can rebalance naturally.

5. Bad Posture

When none of these issues seems to be related to our case, we should also assess whether the waist fat could be related to poor posture. Many people who suffer deviations of the spine, such as lordosis or scoliosis, also have an excess of fat on the sides. In these cases it may be that the natural intelligence of the organism is functioning to help us maintain balance on our feet. The solution, in this case, goes through postural reeducation exercises that help us relax, flex and strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, as well as the advice of a manual therapist.


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Reason for Accumulation of Fat in Belly and how to Eliminate it?
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