Keep control of your information

Other than your website, you’re limited on your control of the image created of your business on the web. Big search engines congregate information from other, sometimes illegitimate sources, leading to a misrepresentation of your business. With PA Shop Local you have full access to what the people searching for your business see. Your listing may even begin to appear in those same search engine’s results as traffic on your listing grows, casting a shadow over the illegitimate sources*.

Use your listing as a landing page

Don’t have a website? Use your PA Shop Local listing as a landing page for your business! Link to your listing from your Facebook page, your Twitter page and any other marketing materials you wish! With full access to your information, the sky is the limit to what you can do with your listing. Interested in taking your listing to the next level? Ask us about creating a subdomain ( for your listing**. Email us today at

Enable your customers to become your ambassadors

We’ve enabled reviews on the listings of PA Shop Local members so your happy customers can market for you. Nothing is more powerful than a glowing review. Give your customers something to praise you for, but first, give them your listing.

How it Works

* search engine visibility is not guaranteed
** requires Professional subscription package