The Best Way to Lose Weight According to your Body Type!

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It is essential that, before starting to exercise, we define our body type to choose those that best suit our needs in order to achieve results before. Most people who want to lose weight are not clear about their body type. Knowing the body shape is the most effective way to achieve the objectives. It is true that there are multiple ways to lose weight regardless of body type. However, this is the explanation of why some routines work more for some people than others. Have you ever wondered what kind of body you have and if this is important when losing weight? If you have not yet asked yourself this question, we invite you to know the following 6 body types that will help you identify which one is yours and which type of program is best for you to lose weight.

6 Different Body Types

1. Body Type “Pear Shape”

This body shape is also called “guitar form”. It is characterized by carrying extra weight in the lower part of the body, especially in the area of ​​the hips, back and thighs. Meanwhile, the bust and waist tend to be small.

Cardiovascular Exercise

In this case, the person must focus their aerobic exercises on the lower part of their body in order to free them from the additional weight accumulated there.

  • For these cases the walk, the elliptical bicycle or the bicycle is ideal.
  • The climber is not recommended because this type of machines can increase the size of the legs.

Resistance Exercises

Cardio exercises should be supplemented with lifting weights on shoulders, front and side weights.

  • Between 6 and 8 repetitions per session are recommended.

2. Body type “Rectangular Shape”

This body shape is characterized by its lack of symmetry. The shoulders and hips are too wide, although the figure is athletic. This type of body is also known as “square” and in this case the person should focus on minimizing the waist.

  • Cardiovascular exercise. For these cases it is recommended to increase the use of inclined treadmill or climber, as they are machines that can help to work the symmetry of the body.
  • Exercises of resistance: in this case the exercises of the internal part of the legs are effective, to finish with lunges and extensions. 6 to 8 repetitions are done using hard and moderate weight.

3. Body Type “Hourglass”

Genetically it is the most favored. It is characterized by having a weight and height appropriate to the shape of the body. For experts, this type of body is the “perfect” one, because it has the advantage of evenly dividing the weight it gains and also adapts perfectly when losing fat .

Cardiovascular Exercise

It must be balanced by the type of body. Everyone feels very good, but you should not focus only on one type of exercise.

  • Combine several and you will stay in shape.

Resistance Exercises

This type of body is the most suitable for the practice of physical preparation and bodybuilding. The combined routines feel very good, because in addition to controlling fat, they tone easily.

4. Body Type “Apple Shape”

It is characterized by thin legs, large bust and weight gain in the abdominal area.

Cardiovascular Exercise

It is recommended to increase the use of treadmill or climber and avoid the use of bicycles since they tend to lose weight more legs. Other cardio exercises also feel very good, encourage yourself to:

  • Dance
  • Run
  • Jump the rope.

Endurance Training

It should focus on the legs to achieve a balance with the upper body.

  • Perform 6 to 8 repetitions of squats and leg presses.

5. Body Type “Rhombus”

It is characterized by having a high metabolism that prevents you from gaining weight easily. He is thin and his measures of his superior part, chest, hips and waist, are almost equal.

Cardiovascular Exercise

The most advisable is to use the escalator. The excess of this kind of exercises should be avoided.

  • In this case the body must concentrate its physical work on the resistance.

Resistance Exercises

The training should be brief and intense. Focus on working on a muscle group every week.

  • The movements must be composed as for example bench press, front press, squat or shoulder press, among others.
  • Perform 6 to 8 repetitions.

6. Body Type “Inverted Triangle”

It is also known as “cone shape”. They are characterized by having the shoulders wider than the hips. They are usually women with large breasts, thin legs and narrow hips.

Cardiovascular Exercise

You should focus on burning calories and use the escalator mainly to work on enlarging the legs.

  • Do all kinds of cardio, except the elliptical bike, because it would make your legs even thinner.

Resistance Exercises

These exercises should focus on strength movements for legs, such as squats, strides, lifting, and extension and in general exercises for hips and legs. For molding it is recommended to do 6 to 8 repetitions of lunge and leg extensions.

  • Supplement these exercises with moderate weights.



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