Some Habits You do not Know that Accumulates fat!



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not exceed the time of the meal it is essential that we have planned our menu and have the necessary ingredients. That way we will not be tempted to eat something improper. You have been dieting and exercising for a long time but you cannot reach the desired weight. Maybe you are carrying out some habits that get fat and you did not know it. You have varied the diet and changed the routine in the gym, eliminated many foods considered “negative” and follow the letter of the doctor and the coach. So what is the problem? Here we tell you so you can avoid them!

Bad Habits that do not Let You Lose Weight

Let’s suppose that you comply with the diet and the exercise, being thinning your goal, and still you do not get it. But there are other routines that you do daily that are not allowing you to reach the goal.

Pay attention to the possible causes:

Not Knowing the Calories Ingested

It is true that we cannot spend all day reading labels and doing calculator accounts, but the fact of not knowing even the approximate calories consumed can be dangerous. The good news is that there are now mobile applications that can help you. You just have to place the plate and the ration and you’re done. At the end of the day it will tell you how much you have consumed. You can even go see the intermediate sums to know when you have exceeded the advisable.

Eat Alone and Distracted

Watching television while having dinner is a very bad idea, because the brain does not have the capacity to indicate when the stomach is satisfied. The same thing happens if we read the newspaper or a book. As much as possible, we should get away from those distractions at mealtime. On the other hand, there are studies that indicate that eating habits in family or with friends makes us eat less food. This is so because in the meeting emotional connections are established and one is more aware of what is ingested. Although it is true that on certain special occasions there is too much food and we overdo it, the truth is that eating at home with the family is good for your health.

Consume all Low Calories

Go to the supermarket and choose everything with a green label and say “0%” , “light” or “no fat” . Maybe that is what is preventing you from losing weight. According to a study by Cornell University, people who consume “diet” products consume almost 30% more calories than if they chose normal or regular products. In most of these foods the fat is replaced by sugar or chemical additives. Thus, a small portion of a “common” food is better than several of a “dietary” one.

Eat in Large Plates

They tell us that we can consume a plate of pasta in the diet itinerary. If we are not told how much of that food … we can cheat! Of course, because if you have giant dishes at home you will eat more than if the dishes are medium or small. In addition, it is proven that one tends to eat everything on the plate, because that is how they have raised us or is well educated. Then, if the container is large, you will eat more. For example, in the United States the smallest hamburger and chips combo is the largest offered in France. You will already know who suffer more from obesity.

Sleeping a Little (or badly)

Insomnia and stress are the worst friends of diets.

“The less you sleep, the more you eat”.

Not only because you will stay awake longer (and you can attack the fridge more times), but because the body needs rest to recover and recover from what was done in the day. And yet another interesting thing: the energy metabolism and the production of certain hormones related to sleep and wakefulness may be the culprit that you are hungry all the time.

Surround Yourself with Obese People

Just as a family dinner can be beneficial, personal relationships can also bring us positive or negative consequences. For example, if our partner, our best friends and our office colleagues are overweight, it is more likely that we will be too. It is not that we lose the kilos, but the habits. For example, there will be more chances that you are “chubby” if…

  • Every time you meet with your friends you go to eat at a buffet restaurant.
  • On Saturday night with your partner you choose to order food and dessert while watching a movie.
  • In our family they usually cook a lot and too varied daily.

Do not have Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not part of the good habits to carry out. In the first place, because the body needs energy since it rises to be able to carry out all its activities and, also, because in this way you are encouraging the stomach to ask for food at all times. Take the breakfast test before leaving home and you will realize that until noon you will not feel any appetite.

The well-constituted breakfast must be composed of:

  • A cup of any infusion.
  • A portion of hydrates.
  • Dairy, cereals and fruits.

Do not Plan the Meal

If you are going to the nutritionist and he has made you a weekly menu, congratulations! However, many times we diet on our own (or we want to eat healthier) and we do not organize the intakes. Prepare the food for several days and put it in the freezer. Do not cook on the hour and have different natural ingredients available. In turn, it is important that you vary the menu so as not to get bored and so that the body does not get used to it. If you eat a different dish a day the body will have to work harder to take advantage of each of the components. And finally, when you go to make the purchase, take the list and complete it. Do not let yourself be carried away by the temptation of what makes you fat!

Follow these tips and start having a life with healthy habits, whether you aim to lose weight or not.


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Some Habits You do not Know that Accumulates fat!
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